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Parents with very young children age between (4 – 7) years old will need to take special care with their children because they are the ones more prone to catching a cold after the lessons. So the following are some of the parental tips :

1) After the lessons finished, dry the child with a dry towel and wrap them with children bathing robe. Please do not let the child stand with the wet swimming suit in the wind because their young bodies have not get use it.

2) Hot milo (drinks) in a thermal flask and about 10 – 15 mins before the lessons ends pour out the milo into a cup and it will be ready to be drink once the child finished the lessons, that’s helps the child to keep warm.

3) Parents can invest in a good piece of swimming wet suits which material are made of thermal wear which is very tight and wind cannot go in thus it keeps the bodies warm. The price of the wet suit can be view at our website under swim products. If your child got siblings it can be passed on to the younger brothers or sisters if the child had outgrown the suit. The wet suits can last for years.


Probia of water children

4) Parents are encouraged to bring their child to the pool to practice on what the coach had teach so that the child will improve more but of course the parent must be in the water for safety precautions.

5) If your child is the type that is very probia of water then you are advise to put them under individual coaching after they overcome their probia then you can place them in group lessons.

Parents with asthmatic children

6) Parents with asthmatic children are encouraged to enroll their child because the breathing techniques helps the child to expand their lungs. The timing for asthmatic should be under hot sun between 11am – 12pm or 3pm – 4pm.

Start your child with the swimming lessons when they are young

7) It is more advisable to start your child with the swimming lessons when they are young because once they are primary 3 onwards they will have lots of homeworks or school activities and they have no time to enroll their child especially the boys. Some parents last minutes opt for private individual lessons just before the child enlist for army because in the army if you do not have any basics you will have problems.

Some ladies with backache, bone ligaments problems are advise by the doctors to do some exercise especially swimming

8) Some ladies which are in the forties or fifties are advise by the doctors to do some exercise especially swimming which are very good with backache, bone ligaments problems, spine problems and diabetics patients etc.

9) Pregnant women are more prone to backache because of the weight of the growing baby and the pregnancy hormones, they should do gentle exercise such as swimming and it actually help them to sleep better at night.





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