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Payment Policy
1. All swimming fees must be paid in full at the time of registration.
2. Cheques should be crossed & made payable to the SWIM75.COM
3. Please write the participants name, contact number, month of fee payment, day & class time on the reverse side for all cheques payment.
4. No refund will be made once registration is confirmed. An application that is accepted is not transferable to other person(s) or future courses.

No refund
5. When the participant refuses to swim or any other behavior problem which is beyond the instructor's control.
6. Withdraw from the course, absent or any medical reasons.

Make -up Policy
7. There will be no make up lesson if: -
i) Individual participants who fail to attend the Group or Private Swimming Lesson.

Termination Policy
8. If you wish to terminate the swimming program, please kindly give two weeks notice in writing, otherwise, a month's fees is chargeable.

Importance Information
10. Swim75 acts solely as a swimming lesson referrer, providing services to both students and instructors. Swim75 shall not be held liable for any mishaps, deaths, accidents or other incidents that occur during the lessons.

11. Swim75 reserves the right to reject any enrolment should the participants be found unable to adapt to our Swimming Program.

12. Swim75 has the right not to start any lessons shall the minimum number of students for the particular course/activity is not met.

13. Due to unforeseen circumstances, Swim75 reserves the right to postpone the day and time for the lessons or replace the swimming instructor.

14. Should the instructor be unavailable for a particular lesson, he or she is liable and wholly responsible for making alternative arrangements with the students. Swim75, shall not be held liable for for such arrangements.

15.Participants may have to bear additional expenses for certain courses,
E.g. Cost of Certificate, replacement of swimming cap or goggle.

16. All students must have their own swimming equipments Pool Buoy, Swimming Cap, Swimming Board & Swimming Goggle.

17. Swim75 reserves the right to add, delete or vary the Terms & Conditions at any time as it deems fit.


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